Skin, eye, ear problems

Skin, eye, ear problems

Skin problems

The most common dermatological problems dogs and cats face are parasites and allergies. Typical symptoms of these problems include excessive chewing, licking, scratching, or biting the skin; bumps or rashes; and uncomfortable unease. Both allergies and parasite infestations can also lead to secondary infections, endangering your pet’s overall health.

Our dermatology services include allergy testing, medical treatment, and products to provide immediate relief and cure, as well as counseling to avoid future exposure to harmful allergens. Addressing allergies can include a combination of treatments like antibiotics, antihistamines, steroids, medicated shampoos, and topical medications. We work with each patient and pet owner to provide maximum relief in a minimum time frame.

Eye problems

Our examination allows for better visualization of the eyes, including evaluation of the corneas, lenses, pupils, and fundus. This test can often lead to secondary eye tests, including a Schirmer’s tear test or a fluroscein stain if necessary.

Ear problems

Cat and dog ears can become infected by bacteria, fungi, or parasites of various types and create a simple local infection. If this infection is not treated, it can become a very difficult chronic infection to treat. Our services include laboratory tests and topical / general medications.

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